Who is Reesa Woolf, PhD?



Reesa Woolf PhD has trained thousands of executives and leaders to be admired influential and motivating presenters.




#1 Bestseller


What Clients Say:

“Reesa is wicked smart and creative. She taught multiple techniques to capture and recapture attention. This was our highest rated professional development training ever.”

Nicholle McNiece,

Wharton Faculty Supervisor

“My TED Talk ideas were transformed and became remarkably cohesive and entertaining. No wasted time at all. She was as committed to my success as I was. I recommend Reesa Woolf 100%.

Tom Moloughney,

Global Expert on Electric Cars

“Reesa gets results. She was insightful and practical with no wasted time taking me from good to great.”

Dan Callahan


“Reesa is an engaging and humorous masterful expert who gave me fresh and practical applicable ideas. And, she is very easy to work with.”

Grethel Mulroy


“I now make even dry informational interesting! Reesa is an exceptional person.”

Rod Lengel