3 Interview Secrets for Getting to the Truth

3 Interview Secrets for Getting to the Truth

The wonderful Marshall Goldsmith, www.MarshallGoldsmith.com, “Chris Cuomo recently premiered his news analysis show Cuomo Prime Time on CNN. He got this amazing opportunity because he is an exceptional interviewer!”

Chris: Here are Three Tips that apply to any kind of interviewing that you’re going to do.

1. Prepare: Know what you’re talking about and think through what the response may be is to your requests and your answers. Think through a progression.

2. Listen: Second, the biggest and best tip I can share. Interviewing is listening. The mistake people make is going in with a preset notion of what they need to ask.

Start an interview with something open-ended then make your choices based on what you want to get out of it.

Glance at your list of questions but remember, the best thoughts are going to emanate from the organic back and forth.

3. Repeat: People rarely give you the same answer twice. even if they’re being genuine and authentic. They think differently, so go back.

Prepare, Listen, and Repeat

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