Early in your career, did you have ideas that would improve the organization’s bottom line and productivity? And didn’t you see glitches that could be easily resolved? How often did top management ask you for your ideas?!

Now you, as a manager, can look really smart easily by incorporating those closest to the work into your planning & decision making.

I once worked with the CEO of one of the most well known fast food corporations. In meetings, he would ask the team for ideas. Then, ignoring what was said, “Here is what we will do.” He had no intention of even considering or incorporating their ideas into the plans he walked in with. Maybe he read a book that suggested motivating by involving key staff in decisions but, unwisely, showed he did not value their creativity and insight.

Your current staff brings your goals to fruition. Often, in time, know more about most elements of how your ideas are brought to life than you do.

It is the very smart leader who gathers their ideas regularly.