About Reesa



If you are in a position of Leadership, I expect you already speak well (or good enough to be in this position). 


I Guarantee, when you deliver what we have written and rehearsed, you will receive rewards from giving the Best Speech of your Career.



Unlike your colleagues and staff, I tell you the truth about your content and delivery and teach you each specific fix, withholding nothing. 


My training style is direct and diplomatic. No trite generics. Specific to you. Fast paced to meet your presentation deadline.


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This will be an intensive & life-changing experience.


When you are ready to speak like the presenters you’ve admired, my expertise and wide-ranging skillsets will make you one of them. Quickly.


Be ready to work.


  While most Communication Mentors spend the majority of their time, money and resources prospecting for new clients, I don’t do any of that.  I devote myself to serving the needs of my clients before, during, and after every session. 


  As a result, you receive the highest quality service.  I am interested in creating long-term relationships and serving as your continuing communication resource. 


  I work exclusively by referral; therefore, I want to meet and exceed your expectations so you will grow to value my services enough to refer me to others in the future.

EXPERTISE – 20 year track record of Results with Corporate Leadership and Business Owners




  • INDIVIDUAL INTENSIVE for the Leader speaking at an Important Meeting, your Convention and at the Executive Retreat
  • PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE for TEAMS –  2 -day interactive seminars (Management Team, Sales and Tech Teams)
  • HIGH-PERFORMERS – Grooming for Leadership 2-day Leadership Speaking Skills for Professionals. Special Classes for high-profile Professionals who speak English as a second language.
  • TED Talk Intensives – Both writing and delivery. 



  • PhD in Psychology – You will connect with the intellectual and emotional parts of listeners’ brains while speaking conversationally.


You will be more persuasive even with your same material.


  • Author, #1 BestsellerExecutive Speaking in a Weekend
  • TED Talk Coach chosen for top CEOs presenting at the Technical Institute of NJ’s TEDx
  • Senior Trainer – the American Management Association, the  AMA
  • Senior Trainer – Drake, Beam, Morin – Executive Career Coaching
  • Instructor – Wharton Business School Faculty
  • Instructor – Johns Hopkins University
  • Press Secretary – Hawaii Gubernatorial Campaign
  • Speaker in Corporate & Tech Conventions: I am always a content-heavy and entertaining speaker.  I share professional speakers’ techniques of capturing & holding attention.       




  • I studied with Albert Ellis, PhD, considered one of the most influential figures in the history of psychology as the father of Cognitive Therapy. Studied with Ram Dass, renowned author of Be Here Now, an early key book in spiritual thinking.
  • Bucket List Accomplishments Conversations with Star Wars’ George Lucas, legendary writer Hunter Thompson and opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti. I am adding more to the list.




1) Leave the world better because I give 100%.

2) Teach my expertise to help you explain who you are, what you do and why it matters.