Leaders Overcome Occasional Speaking Anxiety – Part One

Leaders Overcome Occasional Speaking Anxiety – Part One


They use these Tips to Oppose Anxious Thoughts:

1. Leaders pay attention to their self-talk and notice old or false beliefs. They dispute them with the truth. They change, “If I mess this up, I will lose credibility” to “When I mess up I will say, “What I meant to say was…” and keep my credibility.

2. They purposely repeat silently an easily proven fact such as, “I am usually successful and I will be successful again.”

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” – Japanese proverb

 3. Leaders stop to inhale deeply 3 times. This focus distracts their minds from false catastrophic thinking and relaxes them.

4. They know it is normal to be fearful for the first 5 minutes. They rehearse those first minutes to disguise the fear.

Mumbling, going off on tangents and distracting body language can be fixed.

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