Leaders Persuade with Stories, 1/2

Leaders Persuade with Stories, 1/2

 Have you noticed that people’s beliefs are swayed as much through Storytelling as through logical arguments?

You can Use This Power!

  Begin with the person and the conflict. Tell what good and bad things happened and how they triumphed.

The Underdog Story: These stories encourage your managers and supervisors to find and develop the best in employees. Business books such as Up the Organization(stop stifling people and strangling profits) and Grinding It Out tell of someone who has seemed commonplace but then reveals a more exceptional self. Think The Ugly Duckling, and the film Moneyball.

The Quest Story: Use this in times of major and minor change.

The moment the hero learns of the priceless goal (better strategy, improvement of current practices, new software), he sets out on a frustrating journey to reach it. Business books with this theme: How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett, Never Be the Same, In Search of Excellence.

Remind people that, while it was challenging to adjust last time, the rewards were worth it. “I expect the result to be the worth it this time, also.”

Rehearse the story aloud a few times to make it succinct and sound conversational.

Reesa Woolf, PhD, confidentspeaking.com, 800.769.6653

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