Prepare & Respond to Liars

Prepare & Respond to Liars

Perhaps not at your organization, but some people must prepare for liars when addressing small or large groups.

Be aware of their techniques. Rehearse your replies and reactions to prepare for these manipulations.

  1. A Big Lie is more believable than a specific one. Liars use general statements.
  2. They will say several truths before the Big Lie to demonstrate how they share beliefs with listeners.
  3. They have rehearsed specifics of their lies and retell them without stopping to create details.
  4. The most skilled maintain steady eye contact and consistently exhibit trustworthy body language. Liars enjoy the challenge of deceiving!
  5. They stay calm. They convince themselves they are accurate even when not. Delusional.
  6. They are master manipulators and will switch attention to another issue when listeners become skeptical.
  7. When questioned, liars aggressively counterattack. They know that their challengers often become uncomfortable and will hesitate to question again.
  8. They repeat their lies and will demand that further action be taken on these assertions. Their voice and body language are strong and misinterpreted as, “She feels so strongly, it must be the truth.”
  9. They are Excellent as fooling a lot of people a lot of the time.  They often play golf with the boss, host important people for dinner, and give small, meaningful gifts.


Since they speak in generalities, ask for evidence.  “Is every one unusable?” “Show us the reports.” “Prove to us that this is true.”

Ask others, “Do you agree?”

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