What is the Content of Your Presentation Skills Seminar?

You set the priority of content.

Choose from:

  • To inspire

  • Project power

  • Connect

  • Capture and hold their attention

  • Visibly enjoy myself when speaking

  • Get away from reading a script

  • Find time to rehearse

  • Make rehearsal less painful

  • Have more confidence, less anxiety

  • Be more expressive

  • Be more at ease

  • Tell more stories

  • Come across more warmly

  • Clarify complexity

  • Clean up my data slides

  • To be myself

  • To learn the optimal structure for various types of speech and presentation

  • To be the best me I can be

  • To use visual aids according to science, not habit

  • I want to do a TED talk

  • To strengthen the power of my speaking voice

  • To be heard and acknowledged, understood, remembered, and believed