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Dear Executive,

I assume you are a good public speaker or you would not be in a position of leadership. 

To prep for an upcoming talk, you may want to fine-tune your speaking skills. If you want to speak as well as the best presenters, I suggest learning and practicing the Advanced Presentation Skills they use.

As a Presenter, a 20-year Presentations Skills Trainer with a Ph.D. in Psychology and a #1 Executive Public Speaking book, this is what you will learn from me.

Worldwide Clientele

Reesa Woolf makes everyone the best they can be. I’ve witnessed it.”
Hilda Canas, Roche Pharmaceuticals

This is an Intensive: A full in-person day, with many follow-up rehearsal calls scheduled as you choose.

    The Result: You will be one of the best speakers at every event. 

  • You will use Persuasive Psychology

  • You will know why one word/phrase is superior to another

  • You will learn how the well-placed, pause…in the right place will influence more than any phrase.

A good coach can change a game.  A Great coach can change a life.
John Wooden, Basketball Coach, 10 NCAA Nat’l Championships

Reesa Woolf, PhD, takes you where you can’t take yourself.

This is an interactive, insightful, and surprisingly pleasant learning experience.

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You will leave with Professional Speakers’ Skills.

Chat? Cell/Text: (973) 906-3100