Your listeners expect Ted Talk-quality speaking.

This is for you if you are motivated to show yourself at your best any time you want.

What to Expect:

  • You will quickly have finished and polished talks & presentations that are ready to you to deliver.
  • Your planned talk will be improved with added emotion, humor and stories.  Or, you will have compelling talks written for you by an expert presentation skills wordsmith.
  • In addition to the written word, you will be heavily coached on Delivery, learning the skills professional speakers use.  You will capture and retain attention until you finish.
  • You will permanently lose public speaking anxiety in front of large groups.
  • You can expect an interactive and surprisingly pleasant learning experience.

You will Addresses:

  • Speaking to the Board, customers, large meetings
  • Convention speech – Attract and hold the group’s attention using stories and other aids, delivered with obvious confidence and competence, even in late afternoon time slots!


  • Be compelling & motivating regardless of how complex, repetitive or boring the material
  • Get to the point and hold attention through writing, voice emphasis and body language.
  • Prepare ahead of disasters to appear confident and focus on key ideas.
  • Speak to media in sound bites.
  • Charity Events – Learn how you can be one of the best speakers at the event.

You will:

Be a significantly better speaker who will receive compliments on your talk or presentation
Know how to efficiently prepare and organize content to hold attention for small or large audiences.
Sound interesting, no matter how dull the material.
Learn how to source and deliver engaging stories as well as other support materials you can use to emphasise your points.
Completely control anxiety
Learn how to confidently answer Q & A sessions and deal with impromptu talks.
Handle interruptions well….
Have dramatically improved stage presence and charisma, and look like the professional you are!
Be media savvy – Learn how to effectively interact with the media and answer media questions.

Reesa Woolf counters myths and fears to make great speaking available to everyone.”  Hilda Canas, Roche Pharmaceuticals



Either at your office or a site of your choice.

  • Your talks will be written or edited by Reesa for maximum effect.
  • Your Delivery will become direct yet diplomatic, bringing attention to your most important points.
  • You take home a Ready-to-Deliver talk, expert knowledge, a personal plan, plus your own recordings that include the customized advice from Reesa, for reference.


The support doesn’t stop after your session, get ongoing support should you need it, including:

  • Critique by Reesa – Your recordings of regular or larger talks are critiqued and re-recorded with specific suggestions. Use this service for one year.
  • Telephone and Email Coaching for one year.


You will leave with the skills Professional Speakers use to hold everyone’s interest!

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