Keep your accent! There are 7 billion people on earth; be your unique self, honor your heritage and make sure people understand you 100% each time you speak, even new people.

 Keynote Speaker, TED Talk Trainer, and Speech Pathologist Reesa Woolf, PhD will be your Personal Mentor so your communication skills to contribute to, and not distract from your professional presence.

Results of Training

  • Your career opportunities will expand when your Professional Persona  =  “Expert/Leader.”
  • You will no longer wonder, “Do they understand me?” because they will now understand you the 1st time.
  • You will stop eyes going blank as you speak.
  • You will stop having to repeat what you said.  
  •  You will be perceived as an Authority who can capture and hold the attention of any group

Reesa Woolf, PhD

I am the granddaughter of immigrants and I hope someone helped them on their paths to success. I have a lifetime [obsession] with being helpful to people just like my family.

My first career was speech pathology; the moment I entered the business world I left that off my resume. But when I began training executives before their convention keynote speeches, I noticed I caused immediate and remarkable improvements with ESL professionals.

Now, you get the benefit of having a TED TALK Trainer with a Speech Pathology background as your speaking trainer. 

Your Business Future

  • Questions will be about your content, not to clarify words you said.
  • You will say fewer “ums, uhs, ehs” and words that make you appear less confident. 
  • You will explain complex ideas simply and clarify technical aspects using everyday language.
  • Your ideas will be organized and flow from one to the next for maximum comprehension. 

This May Be for You

  • If you are fluent in English and want to fine-tune your articulation & pronunciation.
  • If you will are willing to use your new communication skills daily.
  • If you want to keep this private.
  • If you want as bountiful a career as possible

Optional Presentation Skills Training

  • Learn to speak like those people everyone listens to from start to finish.
  • You will know how to make briefings and updates interesting.
  • You will elevate your diplomatic persuasion skills without being “salesy.”
  • Interviews – you will have the Professional Presence of a top leader.



  • 4-weeks of One-to-One, Individual Interactive Training with Reesa Woolf, PhD.
  • Appointment times are flexible to accommodate your schedule.
  • We meet on Zoom/Skype once or twice weekly, based on your schedule.
  • I will record each training session to send to you, if you like.

The First Step

  • Schedule an exploration conversation to see if this is what you are looking for.  I will identify improvements and clearly state your training options and fees.
  • Text me – 512. 521.1600 to schedule a call, or use Contact Us below.
  • Be Optimistic because you are opening your own path of career opportunities.
“Reesa, I knew I could not improve how I speak but you proved me wrong! I am so grateful to you. My bosses immediately noticed my improved presentation skills. Thank you for your knowledge and your compassionate way of teaching.”
Tim Kwong
3ds Design and Engineering – Dassault Systemes, CAD Software for Industrial Use
“You actually did show me how to use my accent to my advantage. It is subtle and effective. I am less anxious about their judging me.”
Hongjun Wang
Senior Director, Data Science – Capital One
“You improved how I organize my talks and updates, hold their attention and communicate my big ideas simply. I improved from our 1st appointment. I am grateful to you for “opening up my career.
Abhijeet Shrestha
Staff Structures Engineer – Pratt & Whitney
“I hesitated to do this but I shouldn’t have because I could have been this good if I had started sooner with you! You are insightful and showed me my authentic strengths.”
Thai-Anh Hoang
Director, Global Teams SAAS Implementation, Product Development, Project Execution – The Nielsen Company