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Teach Yourself how to Engage Listeners and Speak Confidently Any Time You Want!

Reesa Woolf, PhD, gives us the template and tools of an engaging speaker that will serve in your career and personal life forever.” Adam Lech, Dassault Falcon Jet


Be The Person People Listen To

  • One Hour a Week to Great Speaking!
  • Your 8-week Teleseminar addresses every aspect of overcoming fear, writing to match each group, being interesting and holding listeners’ attention.
  • Includes the very easy-to-follow Workbook to guide you through all lessons
  • You will uncover and resolve your personal speaking concerns.


  • All speaking Fears and Anxiety
  • Being Interesting, no matter how uninteresting the material
  • Writing Great Openers and Closes
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Doing a great job with Questions and Interruptions

Your Self-Study Program includes:

  • The comprehensive 8-week Teleseminar, Capture and Hold Everyone’s Attention
  • Access to Executive Speaking in a Weekend Teleseminars and Webinars
  • Immediate Digital Download of all products
  • The WorkbookExecutive Speaking in a Weekend


  • Bonus: Be Outstanding in Job Interviews. Immediate digital download

Job Interviews

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“Reesa Woolf, PhD, is a master at producing people at their best. Finally, her dependable guidelines are available in this remarkable package. Take this course as if your career depends on it.Jandry Bernal, PepsiCo

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