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Public Speaking for Executives, Sales Teams and Tech Teams

Each participant will learn everything they need to become significantly better speakers and appear confident.

Worldwide Clientele

Guaranteed Results:

All participants will display dramatically improved stage presence and charisma and look like the professionals they are. 
They will learn to customize writing and delivery to leadership, customers, business groups and unusual situations.
Be interesting, no matter how dull the material, and hold attention.
Learn where to find and how to deliver stories & other support materials.
Completely control anxiety.
Feel confident with Q & A sessions, impromptu talks and handle interruptions well.

Agenda ~ Executive Seminar

Agenda ~ Sales Seminar

Agenda ~ Tech Seminar

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All seminars are completely interactive with individual feedback.
Participants are invited to bring actual work materials for practice.
Multiple recordings of each participant are used as learning tools.
Class size: Up to 12 participants.
One and two-day programs are available. Customized content & length of the program will be based on the objectives you discuss on our phone calls prior to the seminar.
Each person leaves with a personal plan of improvement and their recordings.

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These Seminars always receive excellent evaluations from participants and their supervisors. 
   “Reesa invigorates the group. They will laugh, take notes and become better than expected.”


Cell/Text: (973) 906-3100