Online Public Speaking Training

Your 3-hour Skype Session prepares you to be an Engaging Speaker Every time you Speak

Online Public Speaking Training by Reesa WoolfOnline public speaking coaching for executives, convention speakers, weddings/eulogies and anyone who wants to look & sound great when speaking.

“My confidence  is at a new level.  Your concepts are on point and easy to remember.”  Dan Callahan, Coca Cola

Reesa will work with you to edit or re-write your talk.  She will train you to deliver it as an engaging, interesting and talked-about speaker (for the right reasons!).

  • You will finish with a polished presentation that is ready to deliver!
  • Complete instruction on delivery – Using the skills professional speakers use.
  • Banish anxiety about the program.


This is an Interactive…and Surprisingly Pleasant Polishing Experience

What to expect from our online public speaking coaching?

Be a significantly better speaker who will receive compliments.

Know how to efficiently prepare and organize content to hold attention.

Be interesting, no matter how dull the material.

Learn where to find and how to deliver stories & other Support materials.

Completely control anxiety.

Dramatically improve stage presence and charisma and look like the professional you are.

Plus.. These bonuses!

  • Access to live Webinars – Executive Speaking in a Weekend Teleseminars and Webinars
  • The Book – Executive Speaking in a Weekend
  • Optional Follow-up: Telephone and Email Contact and Coaching

You will have the skills professional speakers use to hold everyone’s interest.


Questions about Reesa’s online training? Call Today:

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