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Ted Talk Training

What Are Ted Talks?

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas. TED sponsors conferences that serve as a platform for some of the world’s most powerful speakers. TED Talks are presented in the form of short, powerful speeches that are 18 minutes or less.

What Can a Stellar Ted Talk Mean For Your Career?

Ted talks are a global platform for demonstrating your professional expertise and leadership skills. TED Talk videos are widely distributed across the Internet and have a proven track record as a launch pad for career advancement. TED Talks are the opportunity of a lifetime, and it pays to have an experienced mentor who can polish your presentation to a razor’s edge.

Reesa Woolf, PhD is Your Trusted TED Talk Trainer to Catapult Your Career

How I prepare you for your TED Talk –

  • Interview you extensively on your area of expertise
  • I help you arrow down your topic and choose the “angle”
  • Edit your proposal to be accepted to do a TED Talk
  • Structure your talk with you, creating easy to remember notes
  • After you read your talk to the TED organizers, we adjust writing and phrasing to their specifications.
  • I make it come to life by adding Voice Animation (pauses, louder, tone change, etc.) and gestures.
  • Most people are not used to that much acting with their voice and body language.
  • We rehearse many, many times so that like a star athlete, it becomes second nature.
  • You give an excellent TED Talk.

This is not your ordinary talk.

You must be precise.

You have to be at the top of not only your game, you have to be at the top of their game.

“Reesa, I knew I had a winner in you when the
TED organizers had only ONE rewrite in my entire talk.
Thank you for making me successful.”

Tom M. CEO, TED Talk Dec. 2017