Use Repetition Correctly

Use Repetition Correctly

Use Repetition Correctly

   It feels so right to tell listeners as much as possible.
   But it is so wrong!

 Unless the purpose of the interaction is to announce everything you know on the topic, throwing unwanted facts and ideas usually causes inattention, that is, stops the transfer of your ideas.

The Antidote:

Ask, “What do I want them to think/do when I finish speaking?”
After you’ve decided on the most important message (up to three key points), repeat the idea a few times but in different ways.

How to be this clever? Use a thesaurus to uncover various ways to express the same idea and plant these throughout your talk.

[Occasionally use this other technique: repeat only the original phrase. Example: “I have a dream.” “I have a dream.” By occasionally I mean once a year or two.]

• Say the same idea in assorted ways and people will remember more.
• Express the identical concept with numerous approaches and listeners will retain your information.
• Repeat the original thought in multiple forms and your target group will recall better.


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