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Interview with Dr. Woolf “Executive Speaking Skills”

"I want to Stop My Speaking Fear."

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“The Wharton Faculty respects Dr. Woolf because she is a true expert."
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Nicholle McNiece
Faculty Supervisor, Wharton Business School
"Reesa Woolf, PhD holds everyone's attention and taught how to do that! She is clever and quickly cures public speaking fear. I highly recommend Reesa Woolf because she is smart with no fluff.”
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Dan Callahan
Coca-Cola Corporate
"Reesa made my TED Talk successful! She is smart and works fast. She absolutely stopped my public speaking fear. I recommend her 100%.”
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Tom Moloughney
Global Expert on Electric Transportation
"I have used Reesa's practical skills to move up in my career.
She made me charismatic!
Enrolling in the Public Speaking Intensive was one of my best business decisions."
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Grethel Mulroy
Xerox Headquarters