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It’s the day for the public speaking engagement or presentation that will make or break your career. Are you confident or panic stricken? Imagine…

You are scheduled for have a highly visible, career altering speech or presentation. Hundreds or even  thousands of people will have their eyes on you, judging you on your every word. This event has the potential to make or break your career. Are you really ready?Whether you are a speaking novice, or a professional preparing for a Ted Talk, I can prepare you for your big moment.

I am Reesa Woolf, PhD, and I have coached thousands of professionals at some of the world’s most famous organizations to become powerful and dynamic public speakers that command a room.


  • Walking into a Boardroom and having the entire room hanging on your every word.
  • Taking the stage at a convention in Las Vegas and being able to scan and understand the unspoken social dynamic in the room, the power structures, in a way that gave you an edge.
  • Influencing your co-workers in a way that will get them through the transitions and to productive faster.

People expect their leaders to deliver powerful, Ted Talk quality presentations. How do your skills measure up?

Answer carefully. Your career depends on it.

What if there were a way to present at your highest possible levels, any time you want?

When you appreciate that people don’t listen to everything you say, you probably have a desire to know professional speakers’ techniques to get them to hear your most important messages and points.

How do I produce major successes in you so quickly?

In a few short minutes after meeting my clients, I already see their finished, Polished Persona, the the very best them. I envision in my mind’s eye how they could speak deliberately, see how they could move and how their voice could be congruent with the capable person they are inside.

  • I envision and see the confident and powerful speaker you will be.
  • I know the path to get you there.
  • I have the teaching skills to help you achieve peak performance.
  • I tailor my coaching to how you learn best.
  • I use my persuasion skills to move you in the direction that I assessed you need to go.

Our time together?

  • You will learn and rehearse the exact actions that rapidly generate your best effects.
  • You will receive a Personal Plan of Improvement, and a practice plan that will only take you a few minutes a day.
  • We will record you on video and and polish your skills to a rapier-like edge.

Become the dynamic and powerful speaker that you know is inside you. Your career depends on it.