Confident Speaking

For Professionals with High

 Expectations and Little Time


  • Would you like everyone to get to the point quickly?
  • Is everyone interesting?
  • Would your workday be better if some people got communication and pronunciation training?


  • Coworkers whose ideas flow one to the next without them drifting off on tangents.
  • They will answer questions succinctly.
  • Technical people will use everyday language to explain complex ideas.
  • They will look professional, even when stressed and on virtual meetings.
  • You will hear fewer “ums, uhs, ehs” etc.

“I requested Reesa for Wharton Faculty members because they saw her as a peer. She trained the trainers. They rated her 4.0, our highest rated professional development training, which is a major accolade.”

Nicholle McNiece
Faculty Supervisor, Wharton Business School
“My TED Talk was compelling and entertaining because of Reesa Woolf, PhD. She is smart and clever and keeps it light.”

Tom Moloughney
Electric Car Global Expert
“Reesa gets results because she uses what she teaches. Seeing the techniques in person saw they work and motivated me to incorporate them into this experienced presenter’s skills.”

Dan Callahan
“Reesa is an engaging and humorous masterful expert who gave me fresh and practical applicable ideas. She is charming and Now she has made ME charming!”

Grethel Mulroy
Xerox Headquarters