For Professionals with High

 Expectations and Little Time

To the Experienced Public Speaker  –  Would you like to speak as well as the best presenters in your company? Hold attention throughout your talks? Sound like a Leader?

  To the Fearful Speaker  –  Do you speak well one to one but fear public speaking to large groups?  Would speaking eloquently and confidently improve your career?

  To the Boss  –  Would your workday be better if everyone got to the point quickly and spoke clearly?   

  To the ESL Professional  – Your accent makes you unique, keep it. Make sure it is does not keep you from career success.


Public Speaking to have the Career You Want

  • Learn how to access clever wording for sensitive issues. 

  • Be interesting even with the dullest material. 

  • Explain technical and complex material simply to non-techs. 

  • You will consistently look professional and CONFIDENT in virtual and in-person meetings

  • End your fear of public speaking to large groups.

  • Eliminate “um, uh, eh, you know” and other words that indicate how uncomfortable you are.

“Reesa was rated 4.0, a major achievement with our discerning leaders. Wharton Faculty members respect Reesa because she is a true business communication expert."
Nicholle McNiece
Faculty Supervisor, Wharton Business School
"Reesa made my TED Talk compelling and entertaining! She is smart and clever and made this good speaker GREAT.”
Tom Moloughney
Global Expert on Electric Automobiles
"Reesa Woolf uses the attention-holding she teaches. She is an unusually clever writer. I highly recommend Reesa Woolf because she is smart with no fluff.”
Dan Callahan
Coca-Cola Corporate
"Reesa is an engaging, masterful expert. I have used her practical skills to move up in my career. Reesa is charming and made me charismatic! Getting Reesa as a mentor was one of my best business decisions."
Grethel Mulroy
Xerox Headquarters