Dear Executive,

Assessment:   Will Confident Speaking with Reesa Woolf, Ph.D. prepare me in time for my next talk?

___I am a good speaker and want to use TED Talk techniques for an upcoming talk.
___I would like to learn the right mix of message and delivery proficiencies that professional convention presenters use to capture and hold attention.
___I appreciate that rehearsing what the expert suggests will influence actions I want from decision-makers, clients, prospects, and investors.
___I want an expert’s hand to capitalize on my natural skills, whether I am an introvert or extrovert.
___Because my time is limited, I want to learn the most efficient rehearsal techniques.


  • Listeners will talk about you after your speech, for the right reasons.

  • You will shift the way your listeners think.

  • You will innovatively explain the content and use creative audience “take-away” ideas.

Why Reesa Woolf, Ph.D.?

“Reesa is a wise and insightful person.

She gets to the point succinctly and is entertaining.”

VP, Forbes 

• I’ve been doing it a long time and while I am cannot say I’ve seen it all, I can confidently say I’ve seen most of it.
• My work is Guaranteed.
• My clients at this point are high-level executives and TED Talk presenters.
• My expertise is communicating strategically in writing and delivery. My passion is getting you to do the same.