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For Professionals with

High Expectations and Little Time

To the Experienced Public Speaker  –  Would you like to speak as well as the best presenters in your company? Hold attention throughout your talks? Sound like a Leader?

  • To the Fearful Speaker  –  Do you speak confidently to one person or a small group but not to large or important groups?  Would speaking with self confidence help your career and peace of mind?
  • To the ESL Professional  – Your accent makes you unique. Be sure it is charming and not distracting listeners from your message.
  • To the Boss  –  Would the quality of your workday improve if everyone spoke clearly and got to the point quickly?

You Will Have the Self-Confidence You Want

  • Consistently look PROFESSIONAL and CONFIDENT in virtual and in-person meetings.
  • Learn how to use diplomatic wording for sensitive issues. 
  • Be interesting even with the dullest material. 

  • Learn how to explain technical and complex material simply to non-technicals.

  • Stop saying “um, uh, eh, you know” and other words that tell everyone how uncomfortable you are.
“Reesa was rated 4.0, a major achievement with our discerning leaders. Wharton Faculty members respect Reesa because she is a true business communication expert."
Confident Speaking Nicholle-McN-150x150-1 Home
Nicholle McNiece
Faculty Supervisor, Wharton Business School
"Reesa Woolf uses the attention-holding she teaches. She is an unusually clever writer. I highly recommend Reesa Woolf because she is smart with no fluff.”
Confident Speaking Dan-Callahan-150x150-1 Home
Dan Callahan
Coca-Cola Corporate
"Reesa made my TED Talk compelling and entertaining! She is smart and clever and made this good speaker GREAT.”
Confident Speaking Tom-Moloughney-head-shot-150x150-1 Home
Tom Moloughney
Global Expert on Electric Automobiles
"Reesa is an engaging, masterful expert. I have used her practical skills to move up in my career. Reesa is charming and made me charismatic! Getting Reesa as a mentor was one of my best business decisions."
Confident Speaking Grethel-M-1-150x150-1 Home
Grethel Mulroy
Xerox Headquarters