Do you dread speaking in a meeting and presenting projects?

   Are you terrified of stepping onto stages (even virtually) and having hundreds of eyes turned your way?


Dr. Reesa Woolf is here to Help You Change That.  

   Almost everyone is afraid of public speaking, I should know.  I’m Reesa Woolf, PhD and I’ve worked with over 1,000 clients and 200 companies to teach them how to gain Freedom from Speaking Fear.


FREEDOM FROM SPEAKING FEAR is your ticket to confident speaking and looking great in every meeting.  Congratulate yourself for choosing to end  your public speaking fear.


  • Do you easily speak one to one but are uncomfortable speaking to large groups or important people?
  • Would you like to finally overcome the fear but aren’t sure you’ll be able to?
  • Are you willing to do your personalized homework to gain freedom for higher levels of confidence, happiness and career achievement?

  • Dr. Woolf will teach you customized tips and techniques to overcome your fear and show you what’s possible when you conquer this fear once and for all!


Individual One-on-One Training

  • Would you like private training?
  • Do you have an upcoming important presentation?
  • Your program will be private 1:1 Zoom appointments that will fit into your schedule.
  • Complimentary Ask Your Questions Appointment:, 512-521-1600

Train Your Team to Get to the Point 

  • Fearful Speakers waste your time with rambling, too technical talks.
  • Each participant will be succinct, organized and an attention-holding speaker in virtual meetings, on conference calls and in-person speaking.
  • Logistics:
    • 4-weeks, once/week 
    • Individual coaching 
    • Homework
  • Complimentary Ask Your Questions Appointment:, 512-521-1600

Reesa Woolf, PhD is a TED Talk Trainer, Convention Keynote Speaker, Corporate Consultant, PhD and Author of the #1 Bestseller, Executive Speaking in a Weekend.

For the past 25 years she has worked with over 1,000 clients in more than 200 companies, resulting in professionals consistently giving great talks by mastering the craft of Writing and Delivering Engaging Talks, no matter how technical or controversial.

Her mission is to ensure that every professional has the confidence and clarity to convey their messages so that they enjoy the fruits of their labor, both professionally and personally. Reesa lives in Austin, TX


  • TED Talk Trainer, NJ Institute of Technology

  • Senior Trainer, Leadership Communication, Presentation Skills for Executives, Public Speaking for Sales Professionals, Overcoming Speaking Anxiety, The American Management Association

  • Senior Trainer, Executive Career Strategy and Implementation, Lee Hecht Harrison Outplacement Division

  • Train the Trainer for Faculty, Wharton Business School 

  • Professor, Johns Hopkins University & University of Maryland

  • Press Secretary, Hawaiian Gubernatorial Campaign of Lt. Governor Jean King’s run for Governor

  • Convention Speaker’s Trainer for Fortune 500 Leaders and Executives 

  • Convention Speaker for International Companies such as Ford International, Guest Instructor for the US Naval Academy and numerous Tech and  Pharmaceutical Executive Retreats 

  • PhD & MA – Psychology, BA – Speech
  • Studied with Albert Ellis, PhD – the Father of Cognitive Therapy
  • Studied with Ram Dass – The First U.S. Mindfulness Instructor 
“This was our highest rated professional development training ever. I’ve hired hundreds of experts and Reesa Woolf is superb. Reesa trained the faculty who still reference her teaching. "
Nicholle McNiece
Faculty Supervisor, Wharton Business School
“Reesa is the masterful expert who held our attention for 2-full days! We have lots of corporate training and Reesa is definitely someone we will have back. She is non-nonsense, works fast and has a marvelous personality."
Grethel Mulroy
Senior Director, Launch & Project Management, XEROX Corporate
“Reesa’s expertise is outstanding. She explains complex ideas simply and taught us to do the same. She is a wise powerhouse.”
Laura Webb
Senior VP Sales and Marketing Business Ventures
“Reesa made a huge impact on my presenting skills. She unblocked the underlying conditions that caused the fears! Even years later, I use the tips and techniques Reesa taught me.”
Eugena Johnson
Operations/Material Management Corning Incorporated Headquarters