TRAINING to Speak with Confidence


   For the Executive and Leader who want to speak as well as the best speakers they have ever seen.

   Establish and maintain Investor’s and The Board’s confidence in you and the company’s vision and strategy.

   Increase customer trust in your company and its ability to deliver.

   Connect better with employees of all ages, in all departments.

Confident Speaking Shaking-Hands-over-desk-1 Training

Reesa Woolf has mentored Fortune-500 Executives for

20-years. She quickly brings out your best.

M.M., Global VP, Morgan Stanley

Confident Speaking RW-w-audience-med Training


  • Eliminate Fear of Speaking to large and important groups
  •  Maximize interest and understanding by cleverly organizing content
  • Be Concise – Get to the Point
  • Use TED TALK techniques to build your confidence
  • Improve your storytelling to increase audience engagement
  • Deal diplomatically with challenging questions, situations and people 
  • Learn to customize content and delivery to connect and influence different audiences
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