Reesa Woolf PhD has trained thousands of corporate professionals to be engaging, motivating speakers. She is the author of #1 bestseller, Executive Speaking in a Weekend, a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to writing and presenting.

For 20 years, Reesa has mentored  Fortune 500 C-Suite Leaders and Executives to inspire, Sales Professionals to close more deals,  Customer Support to go beyond expectations, and Technical Experts to be focused, fearless speakers.

She has a specialty of improving the communication skills of professionals who speak English as a 2nd language.

 Clients make permanent delivery & writing changes that contribute to their companies’ bottom lines.




  • TED Talk Coach for NJ Institute of Technology, NJIT
  • Senior Trainer for the American Management Association
  • Senior Trainer for Drake, Beam, Morin – Business Executive Career Coaching
  • Press Secretary for a Hawaii Gubernatorial Campaign
  • Instructor for Wharton Faculty and Johns Hopkins University
  • PhD in Psychology: Reesa teaches the psychology of connecting with the minds and emotions of each group, large and small. She cures presentation skills anxiety. Everyone can appear confident in every situation.
  • Reesa is easy to work with, practical and respected by her clients for creating a safe yet challenging, environment.  Reesa is an engaging and humorous expert with fresh and practical, “use-tomorrow,” approaches.  She rapidly assesses each client’s communication strengths and targets improvements. Her training style is direct and always diplomatic.
  • 1:1 and Seminars: Reesa works one-to-one with Leaders to be even more effective daily and prepare for meetings and conventions (and get funded by Investors and Boards).  She conducts 2-day interactive seminars for Management & Supervisory Teams, and Sales Teams – to sign new and retain existing clients.
  • Convention Keynote Speaker: Reesa is a content-heavy and entertaining speaker.  She shares professional speakers’ techniques of capturing & holding attention every time you speak.           
  • I studied with Albert Ellis, PhD, considered one of the most influential figures in the history of psychology as the father of Cognitive Therapy, and Ram Dass, renowned author of Be Here Now, an early key book in spiritual thinking.
  • I have checked off my bucket list (including meeting Star Wars’ George Lucas, legendary writer Hunter Thompson and opera superstar Luciano Pavarotti) and am adding more to the list.

live by two rules: 1) Leave the world better because I’ve has been here. 2) Teach my expertise to make it easier for others.