For the ESL Executive

Public Speaking Executive Presentation Skills - for ESL Professionals

You get the benefit of having a TED Talk Trainer with a Speech Pathology background as your personal speaking mentor. 

I am the granddaughter of immigrants and have a lifetime [obsession] with being helpful to people just like my family.

Results of Your 1:1 Private Training

  • You will no longer be worried if they understand you. They will now understand you the first time and each time.
  • Stop having to repeat! 
  • Your career opportunities will expand when you are seen as the expert you are.

This is for you if:

  • You are concerned your accent is distracting listeners and they are judging you. 
  • You want to fine-tune your articulation & pronunciation.
  • You want the respect you deserve.
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  • Your choice of 4, 8 or 12 Sessions of One-to-One, Individual Interactive Training with Reesa Woolf, PhD.
  • Appointment times are flexible to accommodate your schedule.
  • Each appointment is one-hour on Zoom or Meetings.
  • You will immediately applicable, practical skills.
  • Optional: I can record each training session for unlimited review.

The First Step

    Schedule your Complimentary 10-min. “Ask Your Questions Call.”  

    I will tell you improvements to be made and clearly state your training options & fees.

    Text 512. 521.1600, to schedule your free call.

Confident Speaking sat-297x300 Public Speaking for ESL Executive

“Reesa, I felt I could not improve how I speak but you proved me wrong! I am so grateful to you. My bosses immediately noticed my improved presentation skills. Thank you for your knowledge and your compassionate way of teaching.”
Confident Speaking pix-tim-Kwong-150x150-1 Public Speaking for ESL Executive
Tim Kwong
3ds Design and Engineering – Dassault Systemes, CAD Software for Industrial Use
“You improved how I organize my talks and updates, hold their attention and communicate my ideas simply. I improved from our 1st appointment. I am grateful to you for opening up my career."
Confident Speaking abhijeet.shrestha-150x150-1 Public Speaking for ESL Executive
Abhijeet Shrestha
Staff Structures Engineer – Pratt & Whitney
"I am no longer anxious about their judging me. because you taught me to speak Clearly." Thank you so much, Dr. Reesa!
Confident Speaking Hongjun-Wang-150x150-1 Public Speaking for ESL Executive
Hongjun Wang
Senior Director, Data Science – Capital One
“I should have done this sooner because I improved so quickly iwht you. You understand the ESL challenges and showed me my strengths. You built up my confidence."
Confident Speaking Thai-ang-150x150-1 Public Speaking for ESL Executive
Thai-Anh Hoang
Director, Global Teams SAAS Implementation, Product Development, Project Execution – The Nielsen Company