People often see you as an expert and authoritative when you speak slowly the first time you meet them. Speak significantly faster than your new acquaintances & they may sense you are rushed and overwhelmed.

Is this fair? No. Is it true? Yes.

Cory Treffiletti of Voicera,, says, “We are moving toward a world where the voice is becoming more important, and the way we speak is quickly becoming the primary means of interaction — not only with other people but with machines. Poor grammar, useless fillers, broken language and mumbling make it harder to get your point across or to get an action to be undertaken. 

My kids are a great example of this. They talk to Alexa all the time in their rooms, and they get upset when the response is dead air. Alexa doesn’t respond to mumbling or half thoughts very well. 

Inadvertently, my children are being taught the value of clear enunciation, clear messaging and speaking at a moderate pace. The byproduct of all this voice-driven AI is that my kids are becoming better communicators.

Who knew talking to devices could have such a positive impact on the way we speak?”

I’m not suggesting you purchase an AI device. I am suggesting you choose certain occasions to focus on clear, edited speaking to help your clients and others hear your message more easily. This could be editing presentation points prior to weekly meetings to have time to deliver the most important ideas slowly, with voice emphasis on key ideas. Or articulating each syllable completely instead of blurring words.

Daily practice prepares you for important meetings.

People listen more to easy to understand speakers than those that require effort to understand. Your career improves and your listeners are happier.