Reesa’s Promise: You will be admired as a Polished and Influential Presenter.  


Author of #1 Bestseller, Executive Speaking in a Weekend,

the user-friendly guide to high-level writing and presenting.

Reesa has mentored Fortune 500 –

  • C-Suite Leaders and Executives to inspire
  • Sales Professionals’ Professional Presence
  • Technical Experts to be  succinct, fearless speakers.


  • NJ Institute of Technology – Invited back as TED Talk Coach 
  • American Management Association AMA – Senior Trainer
  • Drake, Beam, Morin, – Executive Career Presentations, Senior Trainer
  • Hawaii Gubernatorial Campaign – Press Secretary
  • Wharton Faculty – their Presentation Skills Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University – invited Faculty
  • PhD, Psychology           
  • Studied with 2 Giants – Albert Ellis, PhD, father Cognitive Psychology & Ram Dass, renowned author of classic Be Here Now.