How to Interrupt & Stop Being Interrupted

How to Interrupt & Stop Being Interrupted

To Interrupt:

When you disagree, what is more effective than interrupting?

Use a non-verbal gesture. Shake your head to indicate that you have a different point of view. You could hold up your hand to signal, “No.”

The speaker may pause or end quickly. This is an opportunity to make your points.

When You are Interrupted:

Do not do what the interrupter wants you to do! Do not hurry through your idea! Do not unconsciously raise the pitch of your voice! Do not stop talking! (Obviously, decide to stop or not based on the status of the interrupter.)

Instead, speak even more slowly with an even lower pitch. This indicates confidence in your ideas.

If you previously allowed others to interrupt and take attention away from you, notice how your colleagues will smile with respect at your new assertiveness.

Reesa Woolf, PhD is an expert communication trainer to executives and sales teams. Author of Executive Speaking in a, 800.769.6653

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