Have you found when you have delivered the same information many times to clients, etc., you are better on the final performances? This is the definition of Rehearsal.

I do not rehearse for every meeting! I do rehearse when it is an important project or I will be talking to decision makers.

HOW to Rehearse?

1. Try rehearsing alone for 5 minutes at a time, starting with the Opener and Close until they are smoother.

2. Then, rehearse parts that are new to you, or that must be said diplomatically.

3. Also, debate the trepidation-self-talk that occasionally emerges. I suggest you stop thinking, “I’m the only one who prays for a natural disaster so I don’t have to give this talk.” It is a normal human behavior to have speaking fear. However, speaking anxiety is not normal and can be eliminated.

4. Close your door or hide in the conference room and don’t be surprised how rough you are on your early run-throughs. Those would have been delivered at the meeting!

BOTTOM LINE: 5-minute rehearsals will make you better.