Executive Presentation Skills New York

Executive Presentation Skills New York

Executives want to motivate OTHERS to do what they were hired for.

  • Have you seen people who obviously have prepared great content, but when you listen to them you can’t receive their information because of their style of speaking, or their delivery?
  • Or they have magnificent delivery but the ideas come at you in chaotic order? This is why executive training in speaking skills makes a difference in your career and earning and persuasion power. You can be the person who commands and holds attention.


  • Humans retain information in sets of three. Give up to three main points per talk or per section of a training program.
  • Begin each talk with some Opening and end with some Close. It encloses your information. The Opening pulls them to you and the Close guides them to action.
  • An executive is willing to be silent. Pause between sentences.
  • Since you probably would hire a gold or tennis coach, hire an executive speaking coach for training and very quickly become a better speaker. Short-term training makes you speak like yourself, but better.
  • here is just about no reason to point to a PowerPoint screen with a laser pointer. If a screen is complex – show it and immediately segment and highlight a section on the next screen. Use a different color and or a larger font to highlight numbers or words. Face your laptop, face the group!

It The Big Speech coming up?

Participants will –

  • Close the door to your office and rehearse. Thinking about what you will say, or reading over your talk is not rehearsal.
  • The answer to this is to speak much more slowly than you feel is right. Ask a friend if you are speaking too slowly to be reassured that this ridiculously slow way of speaking is really just right for the listeners.

I do not have time for Executive training!

  • Who does? Tape yourself; send it to your coach who sends it back with direct, diplomatic critique. PRIVACY!

You can speak with confidence & strength. Executive Training quickly helps you become the best.

Executive Speaking Skills

Executive Presentation Skills New York.


  • Are your employees ready to overcome the fear of public speaking?
  • Do they impress people as dynamic leaders, each time they speak?
  • Are you comfortable putting each person in front of top executives or new customers?
” This is one of the few classes I have taken where I saw personal improvement immediately.” Danielle Nazarian, Moody’s Investor


  • Those who must present in meetings
  • People new to positions of power
  • Groups who would gain value from re-exposure to speaking skills training
  • Team building with people from various departments while developing skills
  • Upper Management, Management, Supervisors, Sales Teams, etc.
” Her ability to control of the class and limit people’s “tangents” was the best I have ever seen.” Alan Maier, Microsoft


Participants will –

  • Consistently make excellent first impressions
  • Appear confident in any situation, in front of any group, at any time
  • Learn how to analyze audiences to know ahead of time exactly how to be of value to them
  • Order thoughts and edit material so that points are quickly understood
  • Engage listeners with stories, quotations and analogies
  • Write attention-getting Openers and Closers
  • Apply organization when speaking extemporaneously
  • Bring facts to life and clearly communicate concepts, ideas and plans
  • Inspire action and positive change
  • Adjust material to address a technical, non-technical or mixed audience
  • Stay interesting by adapting to every group
  • Quickly get in control of nervousness using the latest research
  • Smooth an accent and explain jargon
  • Stay relaxed and on track when interrupted
  • Learn how to remember without memorizing or reading
  • Recover well from losing their place
  • Incorporate PowerPoint smoothly without it taking over the talk
  • Handle the most challenging questions
  • Cope with difficult situations and difficult people

When speaking in Teleconferences and Webinars, they will motivate and hold interest with strong voices and good writing.

” Excellent instructor, very supportive and good at critiquing. Even watching her coach other class members was beneficial.” Dan Quigley, Novartis

Participants will be admired for how they present themselves


  • Free Hotline – one-year free phone calls and email
  • CD – “Look Confident When You Don’t Feel It”
  • Video CD – “The Best of Presentation Skills Seminars”

This is a fast moving program with quick results.

Individual Executive Program

Executive Presentation Skills New York.

Look and Sound like the Leader You Are!

” Dr. Woolf’s mentoring was better than any other public speaking course I have ever taken.” Nicholle Mcniece,Wharton

Charismatic speakers: How did they get that way?

Some possess a natural ability,but most have been guided and mentored.

  • They have learned to express themselves with confidence,enthusiasm and conviction.
  • They have been taught how to build a strong rapport with their audience—and connect through powerful stories and relevant examples.
  • They now add melody and animation to their voice, how to vary their pitch and tone to captivate, and most importantly, how to own the stage. …or simply set the tone for a meeting, conference or retreat.

When you speak, you are performing, whether you think you are or not.

Even if your upcoming talk is a simple employee meeting, people will be watching you and judging you, before, during and after you speak.

So what’s the best way to prepare mentally and physically?

Own your role

Dr. Woolf will work with you like a golf pro… to improve your game. The Confident Speaking Executive Program helps you hone your skills so you sound professional at all times, even when speaking impromptu. She will help you learn how to sequence your ideas and express yourself concisely so everyone will pay attention. Her observations and insights will make you the person people want to listen to!

  • Exude confidence as a powerful leader
  • Influence and persuade people with your words
  • Touch the hearts and souls of your audience through powerful stories and relevant examples
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas
  • Appear confident in any situation, in front of any group, at any time
  • Quickly control your nerves and yourself
  • Establish rapport with any audience
  • Engage the audience with stories, quotations and analogies
  • Inspire action and positive change
  • Smooth an accent and put jargon behind you
  • Become memorable

Who can benefit from speech mentoring?

  • The experienced CEO, CIO, VP, etc. and Executive who addresses boards, stockholders, clients, investors, employee meetings, etc.
  • Newly promoted executives and managers
  • Officers and presenters who speak at professional meetings
  • Salespeople who want to take their speaking to the next level
” She delivers what you need, instead of what Best Practices says you need.” Sylvester Esuke,Verizon Corporate

Why Individual Training?

  • Provides you with 100% of an expert’s attention
  • Accelerates your learning
  • Fits appointments into your schedule, at your location. No flying necessary.
  • Gives you constant feedback in a supportive, private setting
  • Is completely customized for optimum efficiency
  • Includes one year follow-up and support

No matter your reason for wanting to improve your speaking skills, Dr. Woolf’s individualized executive speech mentoring program can boost your confidence, increase your likability factor, and teach you how to captivate your listeners.

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