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Sales Training

Sales TraingReesa Woolf, PhD is New Jersey’s finest sales training coach. With experience spanning dozens of industries, Reesa Woolf helps sales teams across the NJ state reach their goals through training in self-confidence, body language, and posture. Reesa will work with your sales teams, individually or in group-style, and improve the quality of your sales efforts.

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Module 1: Capture the Attention of Busy Clients & Customers

  • Open with an assurance you will not waste their time
  • Plan, plan, plan what you will say
  • Get to the point without seeming rushed
  • Use “tie-downs” to solidify points
  • Impromptu speaking techniques
  • Use words to paint a picture of what is next

Module 2: You Only have your Voice

  • Sound trustworthy on each connection
  • Be perceived as positive no matter how you feel
  • Exactly how your voice affects others
  • Producing your best sounding voice, not harsh or weak
  • Adding power and projection without seeming aggressive
  • Eliminate:
    • Uh, um, you know, right, basically, actually
    • Speaking too fast
    • Mumbling or grammar errors
    • Monotone delivery

Module 3: Voice Variety –Subtle Communication Tools

  • Make important ideas stand out using vocal animation
  • Louder – quieter
  • Pitch higher – pitch lower
  • Pace faster – pace slower
  • Clear pronunciation
  • Use pauses and silence without them interrupting

Module 4: Body Language

  • Assessment of each participant’s body language and rehearsal of best practices
  • Add authenticity and diplomacy with congruent physical movement
  • Rehearsal on eye contact, face, gestures, stance, posture, movement

Module 5: Anxiety Reduction

  • Special stress-reductions techniques for speaking to larger groups.
  • Fear is normal. Anxiety is not. Latest techniques to delete anxiety.
  • Maintain professional presence in every situation
  • Woolf’s PhD is in Psychology

Module 6: They will Look Forward to your Telephone and In-person visits.

  • How to be interesting even with repetitive material
  • Best practices of storytelling
  • How to be concise and still drive home main points
  • English as a second language/Accent reduction as needed

Module 6: Team Presentations

  • Determine functions to use each participant’s best skills
  • Rehearse transitions
  • What to do when you disagree
  • Prepare, rehearse and improve


  • Skills are assessed. All actions and tasks are customized.
    • Each participant will use tailored writing systems and rehearsal methods based on their personalities.
    • Results are rapid and noticeable.
    • Practice presentations are recorded with continuous direct-diplomatic feedback.
  • Each person leaves with Personal Plan for Improvement.
  • Materials include Book and Workbook of Woolf’s Executive Speaking in a Weekend.

Reesa Woolf is the mentor who business people
dream of – Expertise shared clearly and a
commitment to the mentee’s career as
well as in speaking.”

Jack Gray, Bank of America