Why Reesa?


“Reesa is wicked smart and creative.  Her specialty: She teaches 25 ways to capture attention and hold it until the end of any presentation.

She writes/rewrites your talks to make them excellent and suggests the exact body language voice inflections so you will be persuasive to listeners’ conscious and unconscious minds.”

US Manager, Merck


Reesa gets results.

“Reesa gets results. She is insightful and practical with no wasted time.

I respect her for creating a safe yet demanding course.”

Manager, Coca-Cola


Reesa is an engaging and humorous

“Reesa is an engaging and humorous masterful expert with fresh and practical approaches. And, she is very easy to work with.”

Supervisor, Xerox


“Reesa is a wise and insightful person?

“Reesa is a wise and insightful person.
She gets to the point succinctly and is entertaining.”

VP, Forbes